Pengikut mogok lapar

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hell of a week,
banyak sangat mistake yang dah buat. That's why aku jenis yang jarang bagi janji apa-apa kalau benda tu tak pasti. Seems that sorry didn't enough anymore and i'm not runnning, i just don't know what to say besides sorry.

Sorry didn't wishes your birthday
Sorry didn't meet you that day
Sorry for making you so much miserable
Sorry i'm making so much mistake
Sorry for everything

damn it, so much sorry.


syahira abdullah said...

ouchh... like some bad mistakes in there.. >.<
but all must be reason kn.
try pujuk hati tu balik k

Dilla Baharudin said...

ouh...its ok, setiap org buat kesalahan. pujuk la pelan pelan.

Kenzo said...

syahira: yeah, must be a reason there..taktau lg nk buat ape..huh

dilla: hmm, okay..thanks. :)

bkn org yg sama actually. Ni kira kompol..=.="