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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alert !!

My 3 Precious Things...Ahh luv it!!

1) My Piggy Monoku Ro Boo !!

Age: 1 years, 3 month
Type: Magic Bag for Miscellaneous Items
Uses: Carrying my Ultra-Bass SE Ear Phone
History: My first gift for my 8a's spm. My sister gives to
me when i was wondering how to avoid my new HP from "Calar" hee..

2)My Lucky Korean Key-Chain

Age: 1 years, 7 month
Type: Slotted For Hanging Keys
Uses: Increase my Lucky 110% and more!
History: This gift is from my mom! hee... she went to south korea
when i was in form 4 i guess.. ngee.. On a vacation+job her alone.. erm..
My Dad were afraid of taking flight..haha that's why he pretend to not-going for taking care of me! When my mom went to Korea... \(^-^)/ but anyway.. thx Dad !!

3)My Non Sticky Lizard !!

Age: 1 year this month!! haha
Type: An Object That reacts to Emotions
Uses: Brings Old Memories
History: Ahh...hee My Sweet Little "Cicak".. the most precious thing!
i get it last year..when i went to kedai Raju.. buy some ice pop..but my frens call
this icy thing " eskrem pop" hehe.. really cheap and gud relief!
and i'm went out from that place i saw a double-decker "Tikam-Tikam" machine..
only 20cent and just 1 "POP" i get it!! haha

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