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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lecturer's Quote

these are some of my lecturer had spoken out at me,,, when i'm in their class. ..Urghh

Sharaf Ahmad says;

"haih.. baru pukul 11 pagi dah mengantuk? "
i was very sleepy in his physic's class, every Wednesday morning after having my big breakfast before his class started at 10 o'clock.

"Kenzo(bukan nama sebenar), mengeluh sekarang tak apa daripada kamu mengeluh didalam peperiksaan nanti."
-trying to solve an extraordinary physic's question always make me to moan, but somehow that morning i accidentally moan beside him! haha. What a bad day.

Rasdi Deraman says;

"ini bukan kelas matematik, saya ajar konsep sahaja."
-my caring mechanical's lecturer always make me laugh happily!! I loved when he replied my question: "sir, how to integrate this polynomial? ". He often gives many funny and sometimes weird! examples of question hahah.

"ada satu iklan yang menggunakan prinsip Moment(M=fd) cuba teka cepat."
-i thought that the commercial that he mentioned is kind a educating-way of commercial but instead of that he answered himself : "Kamu tengok dalam iklan Radix, yang Mai Secawan tu pun ada konsep Moment." hah?? What the.. what is the connection between Radix and Moment?

Uztaz Marbawi says;

"Apa nama ni.. Apa nama ni.. "
-these words are like an intro for him! hehe. I like to said it first before he exactly says the same word! "apa nama ni.. kamal, kamu dah bayar duit buku?" , "apa nama ni.. Esok semua assignment kene hantar pada.." haha!

Miss Farina says;

"Kenzo, please use your sign language and explain my lecture to class! "
-hahh?? she is angry with us because Wednesday is a very tired and sleepy day.. huhu
whenever she is asking a question we hardly replied and only using our face expressions to answer, and then it is only me pretend to use dumb sign and makes joke with my mate and she saw it too! Kantoi!

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